Its Christmas Tree Time!
-Our country store is open 9-5pm.
-Tree cutting from noon-5pm.

Saturday & Sunday:
-Our country store and bakery are open 9-5pm.
-Tree cutting from 9-5pm.

Due to insurance requirements, all outside dogs and pets are not allowed.  Our beautiful pooches are kenneled during business hours.

Being that trees are a perishable item, we do not offer refunds or exchanges once the tree leaves our care and finds a new home. We are unable to control the environment and care once it leaves our farm.

Please do the following to ensure your tree is properly cared for to last throughout the holiday season!:
-Place in water within one hour of cutting.
-NEVER let it run out of water. It only takes 30 minutes in a warm home to 'seal.' Your tree will no longer drink water once it has sealed leading to needle loss and drying.
-Ensure your tree stand holds at least 2 gallons of water and check it every morning and night diligently!

Welcome to Lee Farms

Our family has been farming in the Tualatin, Oregon since 1869. For seven generations our family has worked the land and today, three generations are actively involved in our farming operations.
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We offer a variety of fresh produce and family fun throughout the year. Our country store offers locally grown fresh produce in season, Lee’s jams and preserves and a huge selection of decorations for all seasons.

Pumpkin Patch

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Christmas Tree Farm 

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Lee Farms is located at
21975 SW 65th Ave, Stafford,  OR 97062
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