Christmas Trees

 Christmas Trees

Come November we are gearing up for Christmas here at Lee Farms. We offer an excellent selection of fresh cut and u-cut Noble and Grand Firs. We also grow a wide variety of other types of trees. From the most popular 8′ tree to a 25′ tree we will be able accommodate you with your needs to have a perfect Christmas tree for your family to enjoy.

On the nice sunny days in October come by with the family and pre-tag your tree to cut later, or visit when you are ready to take your tree home.
Being that trees are a perishable item, we do not offer refunds or exchanges once the tree leaves our care and finds a new home. We are unable to control the environment and care once it leaves our farm.

Please do the following to ensure your tree is properly cared for to last throughout the holiday season:
-Place in water within one hour of cutting.
-NEVER let it run out of water. It only takes 30 minutes in a warm home to 'seal.' Your tree will no longer drink water once it has sealed leading to needle loss and drying.
-Ensure your tree stand holds at least 2 gallons of water and check it every morning and night diligently!

Full Service

  1. We cut your tree down.
  2. Shake your tree (to remove dead needles, spiders, birds nests and whatever else nature has packed into your fresh tree!).
  3. Bale your tree (bound your tree for easy transport).
  4. Install your Davis Tree Stand (within minutes).
  5. Put your tree on your car or in the back of the truck for you!

We are pleased to be able to offer these complimentary services as our way of saying “Merry Christmas!”

We also offer delivery and flocking at an additional cost.

2017 Christmas Tree Prices:   

Noble, Nordman & Fraser Firs
Up to 9”- $9.95/ foot
10 & 10 ½’ trees- $10.95/ foot
11 & 11 ½’ trees- $11.95/ foot
12 & 12 ½‘ trees- $12.95/ foot
pricing above 13’ please ask.

Grand Firs
Up to 10’ – $7.95 per foot
11’ & up $8.95 per foot

Douglas Firs
Any Size $5.95/ foot

Davis Tree Stand Pricing:

D8- $49.95  (fits most trees up to 8') SOLD OUT for 2017     We will replenish our stock next year!        

D10- $59.95 (fits most trees up to 10') SOLD OUT for 2017  We will replenish our stock next year!   

D12- $89.95  (fits most trees up to 12')         

D15- $119.95 (fits most trees up to 15')   

D20- $295.00 (fits most trees up to 20')   

D8-D12 Stands- $4 each (Black) 
D15-D20 Stands (7 gallon bucket) $20.00 each


Davis Tree Stands

What is Lee’s special tree stand? With our experience with Christmas trees, we have found that the Davis Tree Stand is by far superior to any other stand we have seen.

  • Holds a large volume of water – essential for proper tree care
  • Fits any size tree trunk
  • Installs in less than a minute
  • Easy to straighten tree
  • Lifetime warranty

If you have a Davis Tree Stand we will be happy to install it for you. Just bring it along when you come to choose your tree. If not, we have them for sale here!

Here at Lee Farms we say that he Davis Tree stand is… “the stand that saves marriages”… we say this because we know it can be a SERIOUS hassle to get the tree stand on and the tree straight. Well here at Lee Farms, we put it on for you AND we show you how to get it straight within 30 seconds of getting it home. Its almost too easy! 

Store and Christmas Decorations

When Jack Frost nips at our nose, you can stop in and warm up in our Christmas store. You can look over our wide selection of greens, wreaths, garlands, swags, and center pieces. We also custom make wreath and center pieces to fit you holiday decor. You will also be tempted by a huge selection of Christmas ornaments, decorations and our famous Lee Farms preserves! Or maybe just grab some Lee Farms donuts and an espresso from our bakery!

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